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Legacy Publishing Ltd, P.O. Box 782, Richmond, Surrey. TW9 2WA. United Kingdom. Tel: 020 8948 9501 Email: legacy@legacy-publishing.com



Legacy Publishing is a new publishing house operating in the UK, whose staff draw upon 20 years of experience in the publishing business.

Legacy's mission is to publish high quality mainstream books suitable for a wide audience and general readership, but may also consider academic and educational titles.

Legacy is currently producing its first titles, and looking for manuscripts, book proposals and commissioning authors. Legacy will consider any manuscript for evaluation. Areas of particular interest at present are Politics, History, International Relations, Social Sciences and Religion, in both English and Arabic languages.

Legacy is also interested in foreign rights - selling its titles abroad (in English and translation rights into other languages) and also buying in foreign titles for the UK and European market.

Legacy currently has distributors in the UK for the UK market and Lebanon for the middle eastern market, but is also considering other international distributors and markets.

If you would like more information about Legacy Publishing Ltd, have a manuscript or book proposal, or are interested in buying/selling foreign rights, then please email Legacy at:



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About Muhammad

edited by Abdelwahab El-Affendi,
Published: Aug. 2010


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Muslims and the West Encounter and Dialogue

edited by John Esposito and Zafar Ansari,
Published: Oct. 2009

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Nuclear Nightmares

by Geoff Simons,
Published: Feb. 2009

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Muslims Facing Islam - Christians Facing Christianity [Arabic]

by Dr. Bassam Saeh,
Published: Jul. 2008

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They Destroyed Iraq
and Called It Freedom

by Geoff Simons,
Published: Apr. 2008